Love cooking, Enjoy your food

People have various tastes when it comes to food. They also have their own style and techniques in cooking. You do not need to spend and enroll for a cooking course. All you have to know is to learn the basic of cooking. Learn how to get the right ingredients, follow the recipe or instructions if you have, use the right cooking tools or utensils, check time if needed, be aware of the temperature if it is necessary, do not keep the flame too high or too low and love what you are doing.


Sometimes, you need to serve soup on the table. This is best when the weather is cold. When it comes to soup, the taste must be fair. It is not needed to be too salty because this is not your main course. To be more attractive, you may add some green peas, sweet corn and onion leaves. It will be best for the soup to be a little bit sticky.

Just dissolve a small amount of cornstarch for that.  After boiling, your soup is ready, but one thing more. After turning it off, add one or two eggs. Stir well and cover. The heat of the soup will cook the egg and that will surely make a great outcome.

A smile is always needed when you are working. You might get tired working alone in the kitchen, but all the effort is worth it. The whole family is always waiting for you to serve the most delicious food. Sometimes, you do not need to go to the market every day because it will consume much of your time. You may buy meat, fruits and vegetables in bulk.

Make sure to wash these and stores in a zipped bag. It will be great to store them without air passing through the plastic bag. This will minimize the growth of bacteria that is unseen flying.

You have to keep them in the freezer to maintain their freshness. That is the secret that you must know to keep them longer. By the time that you would like to cook them, you will see that these fruits, meat and vegetables are still good to cook.

You must also learn how to estimate or budget the time needed when you want to cook your stored food. Do not keep them for a very long time. A week or two is fine. Remember that cooking with fresh foods are better. Never use spoiled meat and vegetables in your cooking. That is unhealthy and it will make you sick.