What makes cooking fun by Stephane Portha

Stephane portha cooking

A Clean Kitchen


Kitchen lovers said that one of the keys to a healthy and delicious food is having a clean kitchen. A working environment, where everything is well organized. The moment you walk into the kitchen you can already locate what kitchen tool and appliance to use. That works for Stephane Portha because he loves to cook in a clean kitchen. He believes that a kitchen must be treated well and taken care of because this is a place where cooking happens in a passionate way. Who would like to have a messy kitchen anyway? Of course, nobody would like to have a messy kitchen.

Stephane Portha is very much particular with working at a clean environment. If his kitchen alone is already clean, then expect his home to find spotless dirt and mess. That is how he wants things in the kitchen, especially this is a place at home where he had so much memories with his mom and other members of his family. This is a special place not only for him, but also for everybody who loves and enjoy cooking and eating. He always keeps in mind that working in a clean kitchen will inspire you to cook the most delicious dishes on Earth.

 Stephane portha

At a young age, Stephane Portha learned how to love cooking in a very clean kitchen. He learned everything in the kitchen from his mom. He was taught about how to keep the kitchen utensils properly and that these utensils must be kept and stored dry and clean. He strictly do not allow pests or insects to enter the kitchen so that he can prevent the food outside the fridge from spoiling and spreading germs.

He always remembers to prepare clean and delicious food for the family all the time. His mom inspired him to cook the best food to serve with love.

Stephane Portha, a passion for cooking


There is much fun in cooking, if you love what you are doing. They said that love is always a key ingredient for cooking the most enjoyable food for your meals. No wonder why Stephane Portha can always cook delicious foods. He just got this passion from the way his mom cooks. He washes the raw foods and vegetables well without over washing it, so that he can keep and maintain their freshness. After washing them, he always makes sure that the ingredients are covered because he just want to make sure that no insects can come and jump over.

His mom taught him the right way of chopping vegetables. It must not be too big or thick, so that it will be easier to cook. This is why, Stephane Portha always make sure that the size of the meat and the veggies will be enough to fit a bite. Some people chop so big, especially when they are running out of time or needs to prepare the food in a rush.

That won’t work for him because if you have the passion for cooking, you will always make sure that everything will be perfect for other people’s taste or for your family. His passion made him eager to cook more and to learn more dishes.

Stephane Portha

Aside from cooking delicious foods he got from the cookbooks, he said that there is more to explore in cooking. Stephane Portha started cooking various dishes out of his imagination. Of course, these are real food that you can eat and serve on the table. He just wanted to make a dish out of his own recipe.

That is really fun for him because he needs to make sure that his family will enjoy the meal. His family will be the first people to have a taste of his newly formed recipes. So, his goal is to get a positive comment from everybody.

When you are cooking dishes out of your own recipe, there is a chance that you can’t get it perfectly how you would like it to be at first. That is not a reason for Stephane P to give up on that dish. Just like what other people or chefs do. He strived to learn the new recipe and he tried to work on it again. With his willingness and determination to master it, he got it perfect at the end. Some people easily quit and forget the dish they can hardly cook. You have to change that attitude and learn from your mistakes.

Many people used to buy cooked food for their meals. They are too busy working the whole day and too tired. That is why they do not have enough time to prepare food for the family. For Stephane P, he prefer to cook at home because he wanted to make sure that he can prepare a healthy and nutritious food. He do not just cook anything. He is also curious about having a healthy diet meal. This is what the family loves about his cooking. His parents are not getting any younger, so food must be monitored. It is good that he has the patience to do all the cooking.

Patience is a virtue. That is very true in any aspect of life. Patience is what you need in everything you do. There are dishes that take time before getting cooked. In such situations, do not rush the food. You do not always need to cook in a very high temperature or flame. You must be aware that there is a specific level of heat or pressure for the foods that you want to cook. Stephane P always make sure that the meat is tender and well cooked. He do not just consider how he wants it cooked. He cooks for the family, so it must be the whole family’s best.